Oct. 20, 1877: Lemuel Leavitt’s home in Bunkerville burned down.

Oct.1880: Fire destroyed Luke Syphus’s home causing an estimated $1300 worth of damage .

Oct. 13, 1882:  A report to authorities in St. George indicated that some cotton was being gathered and fall wheat was being planted. However, the colony (Mesquite Flats) was meeting stern difficulties forcing some individuals to leave. The population dwindled from 71 in May to 46 in Nov. of 1882. Floods, sickness and heat had taken a their toll.

Fall 1897: A large tent was set up for school and community activities. The tent was located on the property next to the old Gym on the corner of First North and Willow. Belle Bunker was the teacher in 1897 and taught all grades.

Oct. 1918: School closed due to flu epidemic.