With Mesquite being a central hub in the southeast corner of Nevada, it’s a wonder why there is no farmer’s market yet, in an area that began with many farmers.

According to Chris Reif with Frias Management in Las Vegas, they’re looking to bring that to the community. But first, they need vendors.

Frias Management currently oversees operations of Mesquite Plaza, formerly known as Bulldog Plaza, on Mesquite Boulevard. With the layout of the parking lot in front and the availability in the back of the property, the location seems to be ideal for a Farmer’s Market.

Immediately after the first promotional ad went out in the Mesquite Local News on Sep. 17, Reif said that the phones began ringing off the hook of people wanting to know when the event would be held. While there were a few vendors who called, most calls were from the community wanting to know when they could attend.

For now, the Farmer’s Market is in the planning stages, and if Frias Management can get enough vendors to commit to the event each time, they are more than likely to begin soon.

At this time they are looking to talk to anyone who would be willing to commit to the event and participate. Everyone from farmers to crafters is invited to contact them as soon as possible. Reif can be reached by calling 702-378-1112.