At approximately 2:50 a.m. Wednesday morning, Sep. 16, units from Mesquite Fire Rescue (MFR) responded to a report of a fire in the basement of the Eureka Casino at 275 Mesa Blvd.

Confronted with a report of an active fire in such a large structure, the on-duty Captain immediately requested additional off-duty personnel as well as mutual aid from Clark County Fire (Bunkerville), and Beaver Dam.  Arriving units found light smoke visible from the loading dock. The crew quickly pulled an attack line and entered the basement.

They were able to determine that the fire was on a rolling cart of towels that was pulled outside through a rollup door and quickly extinguished.  All mutual aid units were cancelled before they arrived.  There was no extension of the fire into the casino.  However, the entire 25,000 square foot basement filled with smoke, which took a little over an hour to clear out.  The casino was not affected and remains open for business.  An investigation into this incident being conducted.