On Saturday evening, August 29, I dusted off my little black dress and attended the 1st Annual “Little Black Dress Party” in the Seasons Lounge at Eureka Casino Resort.

Attendees who wore a little black dress were given two complementary drinks. So, the lounge was filled with little black dresses galore. I saw young ladies in black micro minis, senior citizens in floor length gowns and everything in between.  At one point in the evening, I counted fifty black dress clad ladies and a reasonable number of male admirers.

Just a few of the many ladies that showed up in their black dresses at the Eureka’s 1st Annual Little Black Dress Event on Saturday, August 29, 2015. Courtesy photo.

Just a few of the many ladies that showed up in their black dresses at the Eureka’s 1st Annual Little Black Dress Event on Saturday, August 29, 2015. Courtesy photo.

The crowd was an upbeat mixture of young and young at heart. The DJ kept us entertained and on the dance floor with a pleasing variety of music and chatter. Many of us participated in a line dance instruction session. True to the inspiration for this event, the Little Black Dress wine that is a favorite of diners at Gregory’s Mesquite Grill, the lounge bar was amply stocked with wine and the bartenders and wait staff were very friendly and accommodating.

I spent the evening with an interesting group of folks that included:

  • Michelle Burkett, member of Friends of Gold Butte
  • Joy Dalton, member Ms. Senior Mesquite Pageant committee
  • Sherry Gosdis, Mesquite Showgirl and former Ms. Senior Mesquite contestant
  • Loretta Green, reigning Ms. Senior Mesquite. Loretta was accompanied by her husband, Councilman Richard Green
  • Larry Lemieux, member Mesquite Showgirls committee.  Larry was accompanied by his wife, Ava.
  • Jean Watkins, founder Ms. Senior Mesquite Pageant and Mesquite Showgirls
  • Bunny Wiseman, Guest Mesquite Showgirl

Loretta shared with our group her experiences at the recent Ms. Senior Nevada pageant. Sure sounds like a lot of work – but fun and very interesting. Bunny, hit the nail on the head with her remark that, “Little Black dresses are meant to be accessorized.” She then shared with us the fact that the black fringed shawl we had all been admiring was, “a prized accessory and I got it at the Salvation Army Thrift Shop for $2.00.” The shawl, as well as her dress and other accessories were gorgeous. Michelle Burkett convinced me to try out the dance floor even though I have two left feet and they don’t coordinate too well.  While on the dance floor, I was impressed by the fancy footwork of Larry and Ava Lemieux.

A little after 11 p.m. judging of the little black dress contest commenced.  This was a very lively portion of the evening.  Judging was accompanied by a whole lot of applause, cheering, hamming it up for the judges and good natured teasing from the crowd.  As the contestants paraded before the judges, the crowd was surprised by a male who stepped upon the stage and took a bow before the judges.  He wanted to be recognized for “dancing with the ladies in black.”

First prize, three nights at the Eureka, was awarded to Loretta Green, reigning Ms. Senior Mesquite.  Second prize was awarded to Sherry Gosdis, a Mesquite Showgirl. Third prize was awarded a beautiful young lady named Crystal Gonzalez.

After the prizes were awarded, I had a chance to chat with Roo Arledge, Director of Food and Beverage at the Eureka.  She assured me that this would become an annual event and that additional events of a similar nature are being planned.