As we approach yet another holiday (Labor Day), local schools everywhere are beginning classes, not to mention students attending Colleges, are also traveling trying to get settled in. This means there will be an increase in traffic as well as pedestrians. It is extremely important that we pay close attention to road signs in school zones; as posted signs require you to drop in speed during school hours. Drivers need to be cautious no matter where their travels take them, but it’s even more important to be aware of designated zones, among other special markings around corners and stop signs.

Unfortunate problems are those drivers that barely stop at a sign, meaning they roll through it. These particular drivers are usually in a hurry, so even if they think they have looked both ways while rolling, they cannot react quick enough to stop if a child darts out in front of the car; this is ‘why’ so many hit and runs are occurring everywhere across the states. Drivers need to be aware of their surroundings, paying closer attention to signage and locations in which they drive through. They should keep in mind that ‘Safety’ should be first and foremost for everyone. This also means putting that cell phone down while driving! I get so upset when I see someone driving through a residential area, unfamiliar with the area, looking everywhere around them while talking or staring down at their phone, and meanwhile the car keeps rolling. This is a perfect example of how accidents happen. Whether they hit a pedestrian or another vehicle, this is not safe driving.

Labor Day brings the last rush of vacationers to designated spots, such as Las Vegas and other places of interest, so we must all beware of moving vehicles. People drink more alcohol over the holidays, so once again… keep in mind that many of these vacationers are not always familiar of their whereabouts. Accidents can occur just about anywhere, parking lots, freeway onramps, stop-n-go lights, you name it… people just don’t pay attention these days.

With gas prices lower than last years, more road travel is expected throughout Labor Day. In fact, there has been speculation that prices may hit a low at $2.00 a gallon in some states, but as for me… I’ll believe it when I see it. Whatever your upcoming plans may be, please drive with more care. Stop when it says STOP, and yield when approaching any intersection over this upcoming weekend. Watch for pedestrians and always practice safety through local school zones. You just might save your life, and…or someone else’s. Have a safe Labor Day, and don’t forget to support your local Vets.

Make your week count.