Governor Sandoval and officials from the Republic of Poland, Province of Lubelski, following signing of MOU.

Governor Brian Sandoval and the Nevada Delegation traveled to Poland to continue the European trade mission.  The Nevada Delegation is a representation of Nevada’s business, education, and cultural communities.

As a result of strategic engagement with the Republic of Poland, Governor Sandoval cemented his visit to the country by joining with government officials from Poland to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on behalf of the State of Nevada to enhance access to the Nevada and U.S. markets for Polish companies and for Nevada-based businesses to gain access to the Polish and European markets.

“In signing this MOU, Nevada is formally recognizing the important partnership that we have developed with the Republic of Poland, and as such, Poland has selected Nevada as a base for expansion efforts by its businesses into the United States,” said Governor Brian Sandoval. “With a pledge to open offices at the University of Nevada Reno’s Innovation Center, Poland’s strong economic growth, industrious population, and investment in innovation and market expansion provide Nevada with a unique opportunity.  Today’s signing with the Province of Lubelski is a first step in formalizing our rapidly expanding collaboration with Poland, and I look forward to working with both the provincial government and the Ministry of Economy to further develop the Nevada-Poland partnership.”

Since 2013, the State, through the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, has developed a productive dialogue with government officials and business representatives from the Republic of Poland.  The meaningful relationship that has been developed during this time has centered on assisting Polish companies seeking to access the North American market through Nevada.  Additionally, as a result of GOED’s dialogue with representatives from Poland, the Polish American Chamber of Commerce will be moving its annual conference from Chicago to Nevada.

During his historic trip, Governor Sandoval met with Ambassador Ryszard Schnepf, Ambassador of Poland to the United States, to discuss the relationship between Poland and the State of Nevada.  The Governor also met with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Economy, Janusz Piechocinski, and KGHM mining company to discuss the possibility of Foreign Direct Investment in Nevada.

Governor Sandoval also joined with members of the Nevada Jewish Federation in a somber visit to Auschwitz in Krakow to remember the atrocities of the Holocaust by praying for those who lost their lives and paying tribute to those who survived.

“As Nevadans, we will never forget,” said Governor Brian Sandoval during his visit to Auschwitz.

About the trade mission:

As one of the largest Governor-led trade missions in the State’s history, the focus will be to strengthen bilateral trade partnerships between the State of Nevada and the countries of Ireland, Germany, Poland, England, and Italy.  With a goal to connect Nevada education and research institutions as well as Nevada businesses with opportunities overseas, the trade mission will specifically focus on advanced manufacturing, water technology, mining, information technology, and tourism and hospitality. Trade mission attendees include the Governor’s Office of Economic Development and representatives from the Nevada Commission on Tourism, the Nevada Department of Education, the Nevada System of Higher Education and its institutions, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, the Southern Nevada Water Authority, the Nevada Center of Excellence, the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada, the Northern Nevada Development Authority, and the Nevada Jewish Federation.  The Nevada Business Delegation includes Xtreme Green, Micromanipulator, Rust Bullet, and Scaale Capital.