The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) is inviting the public to comment on planned transportation projects and improvements outlined in the Transportation System of Projects (TSP) document, which includes the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) and Work Program (WP).

The STIP is a fiscally constrained, four-year planning document containing all transportation and transit projects which are federally funded through the state highway trust fund or regionally significant and funded through local and/or state dollars in accordance with the Federal Aid Highway Act and the Federal Transit Act.  These projects improve the capacity of Nevada’s transportation system, such as increasing the number of lanes, constructing new roads, road extensions and intersection improvements along with certain road maintenance projects. It also includes transit, rail, pedestrian walkways and bicycle facility projects.

NDOT works closely with metropolitan planning organizations, counties, cities, tribes and other local agencies to develop a comprehensive statewide planning document to meet the transportation needs of the traveling public.  Through this process, there are public comment periods, workshops and collaboration of various state and local agencies.

The transportation planning documents are currently in a 30-day public comment period for additional feedback and review before being sent for approval. Once the STIP is approved by NDOT’s director, the document is sent to the Nevada Transportation Board for acceptance before being sent to the Federal Highway Administration, Federal Transit Authority for approval and to the Environmental Protection Agency for acceptance.

To view the full Transportation System Projects (TSP) document, visit All public comment may be submitted before August 30, 2015to the NDOT Program Development, Planning Office via email to or by mail to 1263 South Stewart Street, Carson City, NV 89712 ATTN: Coy Peacock, room 205.