To the Editor:

After reading Thomas Mitchell’s commentary in the Mesquite Local News with disgust, (The wishes of one man drown out the voices of an entire state, July 16, 2015, page 4A), I felt it necessary to respond to his yellow journalistic opinions.

Mr. Mitchell panders to the uninformed and ignorant reader that prefers sensationalism to honest reporting, and useful factual information.

In his commentary about the wishes of one man drowning out the voices of an entire state he begs the question: Is President Obama a dictator? He is certainly not! Congress gave the Presidency the power to create National Monuments using the Antiquities Act. Republican and Democrat Presidents alike have used this authority bestowed to the Presidency to designate public places for all Americans.

The question should have been; is Cliven Bundy a dictator? In Mr. Mitchell’s first paragraph he asks the reader, “What do you call a country in which one person has the power to dictate to local elected officials how land within the state is used or not used?” In my opinion, this question should have been directed at Mr. Bundy, not at the President of the United States of America. The President used proper authority. However, unlike the President, Mr. Bundy has exercised illegitimate authority. He has acted as a self designated person of authority with dictatorial powers outside the law. Furthermore, he has flaunted his misguided beliefs, and actions, with impunity over local, state and federal laws. The State of Federal Constitution does not support Mr. Bundy’s law breaking, or acts of sedition.

Federal land belongs to all Americans. It is public land that is set aside for future generations, and is managed by the BLM for all Americans. It does not belong to the state of Nevada. Nevada never owned these lands. Nor does Cliven Bundy own these public lands, except in trust with all other Americans. Furthermore, this land is not managed by Cliven Bundy. He has no rights to it as his personal real estate. Mr. Bundy has tried to claim these lands through adverse possession using bullying and law breaking tactics against the wishes of most law abiding citizens. Mr. Bundy needs to stop his law breaking, pay his fines owed, and go to jail like any other law breaker!

In conclusion, Mr. Mitchell presents no legitimate, well researched journalism. Instead, he uses exaggerations, mongering, and sensationalism to sell newspapers. He should peddle fish rather than news.

Byron George