In the summer heat, regardless of where you reside, are critters everywhere; from a variety of spiders to pesky mosquitos their bites can be serious. The mosquito can cause red itchy bumps, but in reality they are becoming more than just a bit (bite) of a problem. The bites can cause symptoms such as headaches, chills, joint pain and so on… however in severe cases it can lead to swelling of the brain, which is called encephalitis. It is a Mosquito-borne illness and is bringing lots of concern everywhere. Other related illnesses are West-Nile, Malaria, and Dengue which has flu like symptoms. These are just a few but the list continues to grow.

Living in the desert we already know that some of the common critters found there are scorpions and spiders, not to mention snakes of sorts. However, spiders are becoming a problem in many more places and are bigger than usual. There are hundreds of different spiders in America and I am not fond of any of them; in fact I have a hard time looking at their photos online. Arachnophobia… that’s a problem for me; but in order to identify a spider you might have seen in or around your home, I would advise you to look it up online at this site /  as you can find just about anything. The Brown Recluse spider is also popping up in more places besides the desert. Its’ bite among the Black Widows’ is extremely dangerous, so you do not want to disturb them, they will retaliate. Recently my daughter got a spider bite, from a common house spider, and her leg became infected within two days. This needed to be cut open and dealt with at the doctors, along with an antibiotic. These common critters are becoming a problem more now than ever before.

Another little bug that posed a huge problem everywhere was the Bed-Bug, known as Cimex Lectularius. It is best adapted to human hosts of any age anywhere, and found around the world. There have been multiple cases with bedding in numerous hotels across America, as they attach themselves to the human body and can transfer themselves to upholstery or small cracks in the walls. This particular pesky bug has brought national attention everywhere and does not have to do with uncleanliness, though you cannot help but feel that it does. It simply is creepy.

Summertime brings out an array of bugs, beetles and bees, but be careful of any pesky critters. You should have a first aid kit in your home, and if you’re ever in doubt from a bite… don’t hesitate to call the American Association of Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222. They can often answer questions and help with anything you might need. It’s important to take care of things as soon as you notice any changes in a bite you may have gotten. So, beware and stay safe this summer. Have a great week.

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