At a recent Freedom Fest conference in Las Vegas, the question was asked whether you could still make it in America. Could the person starting with nothing, still build a huge empire and fortune? About two thirds of the two thousand-person audience thought that you could not make it today. This was surprising since the audience was a pro Freedom group.

When asked why, the group mostly cited government regulations, what regulations you might ask; the Health dept., building regulations, city gov., county gov., and the EPA. These are just some of the regulations a new business must wade through. We have had several examples right here in Mesquite. Ask the Tearoom, the Chocolate shop or the storage facility. There are so many hoops to jump that many run out of resources or just give up.

Our Mayor and City Manager have both made statements that Mesquite is business friendly and maybe they have turned it around but they are not the only ones that get involved. So many rules and regulations have been enacted that it becomes almost impossible not to conflict with something. It would be a challenge to have the city produce statics that show the number of days it takes to get a business up and running here in Mesquite. Are they brave enough to expose the real numbers?

Andrew Puzder CEO of Carl’s Jr. said in a talk to the Freedom Fest group that he could open a new restaurant in Singapore in 60 days but in our neighbor state California it would require 282 days. Anyone remember when kids could set up a lemonade stand and make a few dollars. No more without a health dept. permit. How many small food or beverage stands has the Clark County health Dept. shutdown? Does anyone think this contributes to the health of our country? There may be some infinitesimal benefit but how can it be worth the cost and the loss of common sense?

When this country became a powerhouse industrially, there was very little regulation on anything. Today there are many regulations of everything. Of course some are good and have contributed to the quality of life but we need to roll back many of the crazy regulations that make it nearly impossible to start a business and cause many to fail. Where is the peoples advocate?

The peoples’ advocates are the entrepreneurs who are out there fighting government trying to get the permits and clearances but no one is helping them. The people need to stand up and say no more regulations or rules without great public benefit. There will be those that say we need more government controls, but they are wrong, we need less.

Every government and regulatory group is trying to justify their existence by exercising control and more control. ”We shut shutdown 25 kids lemonade stands and saved nobody”. Let’s stop political correctness and reestablish common sense. Who will stand up and tell our legislators enough, let’s get some common sense?