Happy fourth everyone! Holidays roll around quickly, and before you know it… summer will be over, but in the meantime we are gearing up for a weekend of fun; from parades to festivities being celebrated all over America. Being patriotic brings smiles to everyone, not to mention showing our support to those that served and are still serving our country. So let’s get in the groove and I will give you some ideas on how to show your support through decorations, including items you can wear in red, white and blue.

Beginning with our homes, decorating our doors, tables and yards is a great way to be patriotic this weekend. One of the best ideas… is using garland for the outdoors, whether it’s wrapped around a door, patio or windows, here’s a fabulous way to do this on a budget. Take plastic table cloths, (1 red, 1 blue and 1 white) and a string of white lights; cut the table cloths in strips and intertwine them as you wrap them around the lights. It looks great and gives a nice look to any area. You can also use bandanas; the old handkerchiefs work well, as you can string them together alternating the colors, or use them on outdoor chairs… it’s all about being creative and there is no wrong way to decorate. You can find different things at discount stores, like red, white and blue chains to wear, or centerpieces; though I prefer to make my own.

It doesn’t take much to show a bit of patriotism, so maybe decorating your front door is all you want. You can use solid red wrapping paper (I prefer foil, it’s shiny), and cover your door, then take blue ribbon and use a strip down the middle and across… as if it looks like a present, then cut out white stars using construction paper and glue them on the left corner… now you’re done! (An easy idea for anyone) Then there is the menu for the fourth of July, and Pinterest is just the place to find just about anything… from making cubed red jello, with blueberries on a toothpick… to decorating your own cake, there’s so many things you can do to make your table decorative. You can check several sites for party ideas; food network, Martha Stewart, and online magazines all have ideas.

If you are interested in dressing patriotic and haven’t been able to find anything, especially on a budget, there is a unique idea on Pinterest for Tie-dyeing T-shirts in red, white and blue. Also, you can look at Walmart in their crafts department and look for iron-on patches or markers. I use to use hot glue and loved to use sequence on a shirt, making it your own design. The more you browse for ideas… the easier it becomes.

Whatever your plans are for this coming weekend, always be aware of your surroundings and remember… safety first. Too many times we hear of accidents in the heat; whether it is with a grill or some type of fireworks, have water near. It’s a time to celebrate our Nations Independence, and there’s nothing like seeing that in our local parades and neighborhoods, saluting our Veterans for all they’ve done. Remember our Veterans and show your support; it came with a price. I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July!

“Where Liberty dwells, there is my country.” ~ Benjamin Franklin.

Make your week count.