A new bridge club to accommodate those interested in improving their bridge skills is in the making. “If you feel you are an “advanced beginner” bridge player and know enough to grow your skills, I invite you to join me”, says Yoli Bell. Those interested will have no doubts about what the simple rules/guidelines on proper bridge etiquette and what the Conventions will be that we will be playing. A meeting will take place at Bell’s home (call for directions) on Saturday, June 13 at 1 p.m.  Any questions about what would be considered an advanced beginner will be addressed. Bridge conventions that will be used and reinforced are:  Stayman, Weak 2’s, Jaboby Transfers, pre-empts, 2 club opening strong bids, etc. New conventions will be added as everyone becomes comfortable with the named ones. Your willingness to play, learn, grow and knowing that no one in the group is an expert will be the #1 understanding. They will have a question/answer period at the end of bridge play for the day.

Initially two tables is the goal and they hope to grow to no more than 3 tables so that they can maintain a balance with players and excellent rapport. They will not play cutthroat nor tolerate disrespect toward any person playing in the club. Bridge is anything but simple, yet it is a lot of fun, exciting, and rewarding when playing according to certain rules. They will all learn to understand one another; the bidding, the play of the hand and strengthen their bridge skills.

If you are interested in participating call 702-553-6523 or 702-346-7173.  Actual play will not begin until September. The June 13 meeting is to provide input and to answer any questions and concerns.