To the Editor:
Evidently due to a windshield wiper motor problem, on Wednesday, 27 May, while sitting in the driveway, our Chevy Tahoe caught fire .

We just want to send our thanks to the man who rang our doorbell and pounded on the door to alert us, to our brave, responsive and compassionate Mesquite Fire Department and to the friends and neighbors who have expressed their concerns. We send a special thanks to the brave man who was simply passing by for making gallant efforts at helping to keep the unfortunate event from becoming ever so much worse than it could have been to say nothing of risking his own life. If we knew his name it would certainly be in print but he knows who he is and we are more than grateful to him. He and those mentioned above are just a few of the many reasons we love Mesquite.

We remain humbly grateful,

Dan & Judi Kvachuk