Tuesday night’s council meeting was shorter than anticipated as one of the main items up for discussion and action was tabled until the next regular meeting on Tuesday, June 2.

Other items were passed quickly, including the new fee schedule for Mesquite Fire and Rescue Ambulance Services, which will bring in an estimated $216,000 more each year if collected.

“This is not just a rate increase,” said Councilman George Rapson, who also reminded the council and community that MFR hasn’t seen an increase since 2009. “This is a cost recovery increase. We still lose money in our transportation of patients. We’re trying to minimize the bleeding from the city and the rest of the taxpayers.”

Rapson motioned to approve, with a second by Councilwoman Cindi Delaney and it passed unanimously with all five council members voting for the increase. The new rates will be effective immediately. The BLS (Basic Life Support) services will rise from the current $600 and $22 per mile to $800 and $26.50 per mile. It also includes ALS (Advanced Life Support) rising from its current $800 to $950, with the same amount for mileage.

In other business, the council approved renaming Dairy Lane to North Dairy Lane since Noor Estates is proceeding with their development on the south side of East Mesquite Boulevard next to the ball fields and creating South Dairy Lane which will connect to First South Street. Changing the name will require all residents on North Dairy Lane to update their information as needed, as if they had moved (i.e. identification, bank documents, etc.).

Council also approved an extension of time for construction on the Sun City Communication Tower for one year. This is the second extension granted for the project. InSite Wireless Group, LLC of Virginia paid a $650 fee for the extension and according to their application, they now have an anchor tenant interested in locating on the communication tower.