Has anyone ever told you that you are lucky? Or maybe you just might be a black cat, so I’ve been told. So what is ‘Luck’ anyways? Luck (or chance) is a “purposeless, unpredictable and uncontrollable force that shapes events favorably or unfavorably for an individual, group or cause.” This is the definition according to Wikipedia. I believe it is supernatural (in a sense), giving the concept of certain forces such as spiritual means, that prescribes certain events which occur, very much the way law of physics prescribe an occurrence of events. Luck is ‘Chance’… whether to find it or acquire it.

Interesting articles have been written time and time again as to the belief in such luck. People have questioned whether it is a state of mind, giving hope to many, instead of applying their faith in daily living. At times it is how we perceive ‘Luck’ in our life. Some of the population today will say there are those that are born lucky, meaning everything they do turns out great and the stars are in their favor. Then there are the ‘Unlucky’ groups of people whom struggle through life and couldn’t seem to win a penny if their life depended on it. In one of the conversations I read was how unlucky people seem to miss opportunities, as they are focused on something not relevant to the current event or subject. An example of this would be; they are looking for their soul-mate in life, and then missing the opportunities to engage in other relationships such as finding good friends. It is a way things happen to us because of chance; an accidental way… not planned. Sometimes it’s a force which brings us good fortune or adversity.

When I think of ‘Luck’ in general, I think of being superstitious. Many people are superstitious and believe in numbers, four leaf clovers, and horseshoes, among other things; as I mentioned earlier, the ‘Black Cat’ would be unlucky, just as walking under a ladder is. But after a couple of bad (Unlucky) years for me, I am trying to steer clear of those unfortunate events which brought certain circumstances and decided to go with positive thinking. I know now that the events that took place were not because I was unlucky, but because it was a matter of trust I had in someone and they failed me; I’m referring to my mover. Then the feelings of such great loss took over that nothing positive was flowing through my mind, so this was a matter of “chain of events” that took place. Some say how unlucky I am, but in reality it was what occurred, an event (or events) by chance. I needed to work on my positive outlook on life, creating better things to come. A new attitude and behavior can bring better things, so letting go of the bad is important as well. Sure it won’t change what happened, but it can only keep one down if you let it. I confess here, it is not an easy task to do. But we can learn better behavior, as well as letting go of the superstitious behaviors.

Once again, the Law of Attraction works with us. I refer to this because there is so much truth in this, it’s sometimes mind boggling. So whether you consider yourself lucky or unlucky, I believe it is a matter of choice here. If you have lucky symbols that you believe in, that’s okay too. It’s all a matter of positive thinking that could possibly bring you good fortune. We are all different, and have different beliefs… it’s what makes us unique as individuals, and we should embrace that.

Make your week count.