I mentioned to a gal that her new hair style was very flattering to her face.  She seemed to really appreciate that I noticed. Then she says to me that she liked the highlights I had put in my hair too.  Well I said thanks but those aren’t highlights, those are just gray hair and I just ha ha ha-ed it off. Then in a matter of just two days I had occasion to have my picture taken and those same “highlights” lit up the  space on my head between my bangs line and the rest of my head making it look like glob of flour had exploded there.

Now I could have gone two ways here.  Wring my hands and “me oh my” myself into a little ball in the corner while trying to find a hat to cover my locks before I tear off to the nearest store to buy a bottle of—hair dye! Or as a woman of the new millennium I can revel in my new found silvery friends. I have seen some really bad home hair dye jobs so I opted for the latter as my way to go.

Now going gray, or grey if you prefer, is just a thingy.  I say, “It’s just a thingy,” of anything that I cannot change.  Better than getting all steamed up about something that is out of your control.  Flat tire, just a thingy.  Got a cold, just a thingy.  Dog bit the dripper line to the new trees into fifty tiny black pieces–three times, and three times it was just a thingy—a very  mumbled under my breath thingy, but still just a thingy. So what is this sudden eruption of my maturity? Just a thingy.  But still…

I counted myself as a lucky duck when I finally took a hold of this situation and gazed long and hard at look at these new intruders on my head.  It was only after reading how and why our hair turns against us that I realized that there is some luck on my side of this gray fence.  My familial traits say my hair will lean towards a splash of new color then have a tendency to stay that way for a spell.  I hope I have hit that stay that way for a spellmark because the numbers seem to increase daily.  Next, the color of gray.  It could have been a yellowish color, like bad teeth yellow, but I seem to have hit the jackpot in the silver area.  I like to refer to them as my new sparkles.  Yea, yea sparkles.  Like it is always the fourth of July and I have a lit sparkler perched on my head. Sparkles can be pretty and fun. Any way they are, if you remember, just a thingy.

I do not intend to be fully gray.  I have seen some wonderful full heads of gray hair.  Long and short and in between and I’d say eight out of ten look good.  I do not intend to be number nine or ten however.  When I asked my other half if the new sparkle in my appearance bothered him, off the cuff he said no. Then I asked him to actually look at my head and then give me an answer.  Now this is akin to asking, “Do these shoes make me look fat?”  I admit he was in a lose, lose situation.  But I really wanted to know what he thought.  So again I asked what he thought of my new sparkly headed self. He looked, and looked and cleared his throat and looked some more.  I became uncomfortable being scrutinized.  So I said never mind.  I think that is what he was going for all along. For me tonever mind him and let him off the hook. He turned his attention back to whatever he was doing and I think I heard a small victory, “YES!” escape from his lips.

Just as I was coming to grips with the fact that I was getting these new gray hairs I cleaned out my hair brush–you know what was hiding in there?  Several longer than my bangs gray hairs. I’m talking ten inches and longer.  Do you know what that means?  Well since that article I read about how we go gray said that established hair doesn’t go gray, only newly grown hair comes in gray, and hair grows at the rate of about one half inch a month, I have gray hair that could be at more than two years old, and older.  So I have been sparkly for a lot longer than I realize.  I wonder what else is going on under my nose that I haven’t noticed.  Never mind, I am not going looking.  I’ll wait for the movie!

Trina Machacek lives in Eureka, Nevada.  Her book ITY BITS can be found on Kindle.  Share your thoughts and opinions with her at itybytrina@yahoo.com