Amanda Webster

By Barb King

There is a very talented 8th grader from Tehachapi, California, who entered the Artists and Poets exhibit in Mesquite, after she found out she was allowed to do so. This young lady has grandparents, Bill and Georgia Johnson, from Sun City, Mesquite, and a mother named Amy Webster, who are very proud of her.
Amanda Webster has been interested in reading from the time she learned how to read. She also writes and can express her soul through her original poems. In this competition, poets submit their work, and then artists decide which poems they would like to create a work of art for, that represents each poem.

It is an honor to have one’s poem chosen, let alone to have three chosen, as in Amanda’s case. Besides that, this amazing girl has two entries that received “Honorable Mention” Awards. Normally this contest is geared towards adults.

Here are her poems:
1. (About a monster, written at lunchtime near Halloween for her school’s Writers’ Club)
Be cautious, if you delve too deep,
you might find what lies beneath
A darkness that will consume all,
a hatred that will take your soul,
a monster that is feared by all,
unhappiness that marks your call,
be careful if you delve too deep
You will find him,
there beneath.
It’s a funny thing really,
It comes in in a flash of
golden light,
then leaves, rendering the world
But just when you think hope is truly lost,
it fades in,
as gentle as a sunrise,
for, without the dark parts,
How would we learn and grow?
How would we know how to trust?
to be kind?
to love?
If you think about it,
we wouldn’t get any rest without
the sun leaving us
to make way for the moon and stars.
Wait, wait, wait
In a world that goes so fast,
Where thoughts take off like a blast
It’s hard to slow down and take the scenic road, every now and again
To smell the May Flowers,
After April showers
When was the last time
You took a look
At what you’ve done?
We should have the patience of the moon and the sun
Who wait 12 hours
To shine on us

Amanda not only reads and writes, but will be performing in an upcoming musical with her theater group and takes part in Girl Scouts and in church activities.