Fifth grade student Evelyn Santos has been selected to be honored in the AcKIDemic spotlight for the month of April by her fifth grade teacher Mrs. Wendy Dotson. Evelyn is an outstanding student at Beaver Dam Elementary School. She has attended the school since kindergarten and maintained academic excellence during each of her school years. Not only is Evelyn a scholar, but she is the paradigm of kindness and good citizenship.  If there is a task to be completed, Evelyn is always the first to offer her help.
Evelyn’s favorite school subjects are science and math. She enjoys working on science projects and experiments. She is an avid reader. Her favorite type of book is a good mystery because she likes to think through the plot.  She says “a good book makes me read more”.

Maria Veronica and Juan Albert Santos are the proud parents of this high-flying eagle.  Older brother, Kevin, is a junior at Beaver Dam High School.  Evelyn has two younger brothers who go to elementary school with her. Arath is ten years old and in the fourth grade. Juan is eight years old and in the second grade.  At home Evelyn spends a lot of time helping her mom out with the housework.  She also attends church class to learn about her faith. For fun the family likes to go bowling, to the movies, to the arcade, and to picnics in the park. Evelyn enjoys being the only girl in this loving family, and all members help her to feel special.

When Evelyn grows up, she plans to put her many talents to work by studying to become a teacher.  Her ability to speak both Spanish and English will come in handy for that!  She would also like to be able to utilize her singing and dancing talents in her career. Evelyn’s inspiration for teaching has come from her experiences with the teachers at Beaver Dam.  Evelyn has high words of praise for her current teacher, Mrs. Dotson, from whom she has learned a lot.

When asked what advice she would have to other students, Evelyn encourages them to “try hard to be able to achieve anything”.  Obviously Evelyn has followed this advice in her own academic pursuit.  She is just one example of what makes Beaver Dam Elementary School the place where eagles can soar to success!