Lorraine and her sled dogs


Jo Shields dressed as a musher

The eagles at Beaver Dam Elementary School warmly welcomed Lorraine Temple and her huskies at an assembly held on Thursday, March 26.  Lorraine visits schools with her feisty canines to motivate and encourage students to follow their dreams.  Her presentation is based upon tips from the trail such as “pull with your team” and “harness your potential”.

Lorraine began by telling her story of discovery in Alaska.  She said that her first trip to the remote state “rocked her world!”  She found her heart in Alaska and proceeded to follow her dreams by building up a sled-dog business which offered visitors the opportunity to experience the thrill and freedom of riding on dog sleds.

She provided many interesting details about Alaska and dog sledding.  The students were fascinated with her tales of the Iditarod race and its origins as the only means of transportation during the winter months between Nome and Anchorage. Lorraine explained how the Alaska state flag was designed by  a thirteen year old Eskimo orphan.  She told the students about the challenges of living in such a remote area with extreme weather.  She explained the story of Balto, the Siberian husky sled who led the team on the final leg of the serum run to Nome which saved the lives of thousands of people.

The eaglets were thrilled to meet two of Lorraine’s sled dogs.  A dog sled was displayed on the stage and she harnessed the dogs to it so that the children could see for themselves how the dogs pull the sleds.  Lorraine told the students that sled dogs love to run and pull the sleds.  She had Mrs. Jo Shields, school aide, dress in the warm clothing which is necessary to protect mushers when the weather falls far below zero.  Most children had never seen, nor considered the need for, such warm clothing!

Lorraine brought her program to an end with a picturesque slide show of Alaska.  She showed glaciers, many types of fish and wildlife, large plants and vegetables, the Northern Lights, and, to the eaglets delight, many photos of wild eagles. Just as Lorraine followed her dreams, she encouraged each child to find and follow theirs.  The students learned from Lorraine’s presentation and were inspired by her story.  The assembly was the perfect way to begin spring vacation and the entire Beaver Dam School Community thanks Lorraine for her motivational presentation.