It is that time of year when even a desert community like Mesquite receives a fair amount of rain.  Wet winters result in green springs.  But along with the green lawns and desert flowers, we are also prone to see many weeds start popping up.  Left unabated, such weeds become unsightly and invasive.  And as the temperatures rise, they can dry up and turn into fuel for fires or simply become windblown nuisances.

In an attempt to keep Mesquite beautiful and to ensure the safety and peaceful enjoyment of its residents, the City implements a weed abatement program.  The Mesquite Municipal Code requires that any weeds more than four inches high in residential and commercial areas, and more than twelve inches high in agricultural or unimproved areas must be cleared from the property.

To avoid any notices, citations, and fines, we ask all property owners to be good neighbors, and voluntarily clear the weeds.  Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated by your neighbors, other residents, and visitors to Mesquite.

If you have any questions, or would like to report a property that may be in need of cleanup, please contact the City’s Code Enforcement staff at 702-346-2835.