One fifth grade student is chosen each month to stand in the AcKIDemic Spotlight at Beaver Dam Elementary School.  Selected by fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Wendy Dotson, the student exemplifies excellent citizenship and academic achievement.  This month the spotlight shines on D.J. Gonzales.MLN-BDESmar19-15

D.J. enjoys attending Beaver Dam Elementary School.  One of his favorite things about the school is the excellent dining in Miss Susan’s restaurant.  D.J. says he’s been to many other school cafeterias, but nothing compares to the delicious cuisine that daily awaits him at lunch time.  His favorite selection is lasagna.  He also enjoys his math, reading, and writing classes. Recess is fun too!

D.J. was born in Las Vegas, Nevada.  When he was two years old, the family moved to Salmon, Idaho where he attended kindergarten and first grade.  From second to fourth grades D.J. attended school in Yuma, Arizona as the result of another family move.  D.J. was not fond of that school because students had to wear uniforms and the cafeteria selections were barely palatable.

Life is good for D.J. with the latest move to Beaver Dam.  He and his family live on Jones Flat.  D.J.’s best friend lives only two blocks away.  Mom Savanna is the outstanding preschool teacher at Beaver Dam.  Older brother Caysen attends the junior high, and sister Emma is in third grade.  David, D.J.’s dad, lives in West Virginia.   D.J. has a host of family members who live in Bunkerville.

D.J. is a member of the Cub Scouts.  He is also an avid soccer player.  He enjoys watching movies with his family at home.  D.J. plans to design video games when he grows up.  He hopes to attend BYU Hawaii for his education.

D.J. offers this advice to his fellow students:  never quit and keep trying!  This is advice that he has taken to heart and that has led to his own personal success in school.  Alexander Eagle and the entire Beaver Dam School Community gives D.J. the honored two-wing salute for shining in the AcKIDemic spotlight!