From the left: Amber DePew, Lions member, Roselyn Rivera, 2nd Grade student at Bunkerville Joseph Bowler Elementary, Judi DePew, Lions Chairman of the Flag presentation. Submitted photo.


2nd Grade students at Bunkerville’s Joseph Bowler Elementary. Submitted photo.


2nd Grade Students at Virgin Valley Elementary. Submitted photo.

The Mesquite Lions held their annual presentation of “Respect for the American Flag” at the Virgin Valley Elementary School in Mesquite and the Bunkerville Joseph Bowler Elementary School for the 2nd Grade Students.

During the presentation which includes a history of the flag, an explanation of what the stars and stripes stand for and how we pledge our allegiance to this flag representing the United States of America and how to respect the flag, 2nd grader, Roselyn Rivera came forward and asked if she could made a donation to the Lions for the needy. Her donation of $2.00 was thankfully accepted by the Lions and Roselyn was assured that it would go toward their many projects in the community.

Judi DePew, chairman of the flag project” was overwhelmed by this little girl’s generosity and noted how much the children enjoyed learning all about the flag. Each student was presented with a flag and a flyer explaining all that they had learned during the presentation, and a treat.

This ongoing project is one the Lions enjoy doing every year to promote respect for the flag to the 2nd graders in the community and which is welcomed by the elementary schools.