I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a hard time stomaching sad stories given by contestants on shows such as “American Idol” and “The Voice.” After watching these shows for many seasons, I’ve become disenchanted with the so-called Blind Auditions on the Voice recently. I cannot believe the amount of sob stories these young people share for a spot on live television today. I was sickened that I had to literally turn it off for the first time. Why? Well, let’s just say that those sad stories are more common stories found in ever day life with people like you, myself, or someone you may know. Older generations pursued their dreams through hard work, on their own, not through forced talent shows. We had to figure out life through the open doors, meeting people face to face with confidence and belief within ourselves, which then would radiate through our personalities. I can’t say I really know anyone who became successful by sharing their sob stories, whether it was for employment or otherwise. But society today has gotten ridiculous; not to mention what this teaches other young adults.

For those of you not watching these shows, let me elaborate some of these stories I’m referring to. Many of these shared stories are actually similar to one another in some form, and over time (seasons of talent shows), seem to be popping up in multiple television interviews. Let me begin with some of the teens and young adults, which seemingly get very emotional while explaining their family situations. They go on to tell how their parents have struggled with no means for further education, working long extended hours, losing family homes while struggling with poverty. Sound familiar? I think so, especially in the last six years after the market crashed, real-estate dropped and multiple businesses lost… I know many people that have suffered, losing their life savings at retirement age. These kids need to get a grip on reality.

Then there are those that talk about death of a loved one… that they were so close to, and the tears roll out on camera for all to see and feel. Well, I have lost the dearest of family members who were close to me and couldn’t imagine going on sometimes either, but life does. I stood over a loved one being resuscitated, it was completely horrifying, but we have to move on at some point. I didn’t explain this to someone so I could further my career… hello?!  These stories are all so familiar and personally… getting old. From parents divorcing, kids being raised by someone else to homelessness… these talent shows are putting everyone’s sob story out there. What happened to watching talents arise without the personal stories? Most of us would like to pursue our dreams from a young age, but as in life… stuff happens and we deal with it; at least that’s how the older generation was raised. I think television could use a lot less drama on the talent shows. It seems that this new generation is willing to change who they are and how they feel or look; in order to claim fame… but don’t kid yourself, everything has its price. I’ll stick to the hard work towards my own dream, remembering that rejection strengthens character and helps us strive to be better… in more ways than one.

Make your week count.