Cowboy Kenny Bartram won the epic Beyond Pro race Saturday night, the only race format in the world that combines Freestyle MotoCross and EnduroCross. It was Bartram’s third-straight win of the Beyond Pro race.


’Cowboy’ Kenny Bartram stands with Brett Cue, left, and Mike Brown, right, at the awards ceremony for the Beyond Pro race. Photo by Kris Zurbas.

Several of the world’s best racers thrilled fans on and off the course at Mesquite Off-Road Weekend by appearing at meet and greet autograph sessions, performing stunt demos, racing on the unique track, and interacting with the fans that traveled to Mesquite to experience the festival atmosphere.

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For the third-straight year, Mesquite, Nev. and the Eureka Casino Resort was the home of Mesquite Off-Road Weekend, an off-road festival featuring world-class racers witnessed by thousands of fans of all ages. The main event of the Weekend was the Beyond Pro race, and once again, Freestyle MotoCross legend Cowboy Kenny Bartram won the event. The Beyond Pro race was created specifically for Mesquite Off-Road Weekend and is the only format in the world that brings together elements of both Freestyle Motocross and EnduroCross racing. EnduroCross superstar Mike Brown finished second while Brett Cue, who won the Biggest Whip contest on Friday night, was third.

“That was absolutely the most intense race, much more than the last two years when I won those,” said Bartram. “I was racing for everything I had to catch Brownie. During the race I almost under–rotated a back flip and died. It took me a second to re-group and breathe after that, but somehow I rode it out. Brown and I were neck and neck, and I just couldn’t get around him, but he got caught up in some lap traffic and that’s unfortunate because I don’t like to win like that, but a win is a win. It was intense, that’s for sure.”

Racers from Nevada, Utah, California, Oklahoma, Colorado, Arizona, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon and Ohio were in the field. The pros battled for a purse of $20,000 while amateur classes battled for bragging rights and personal accomplishment.

All levels of racers participated during the weekend. Racing classes were available from youth to professional on the one-of-a-kind course located behind the award-winning Eureka Casino Resort. The Beyond Pro race once again culminated the racing on Saturday and featured elements of both FMX and EnduroCross racing.

“We had remarkable weather and perfect conditions to showcase Mesquite and our one-of-a-kind venue,” said Andre Carrier, President of the Eureka Resort Casino. “We proved yet again that there is no other place to see motor sport racing quite like Mesquite Off-Road. If you haven’t come out to experience this event, put it on your list of things to do. We had thousands of fans out here who were thrilled and who enjoyed it a great deal.”

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