Bears and Weblos racing with Gianno in the lead


Cub racers, Tag, Aiden, Lukeback, Giano, Junior, Steven and Ethan

The Cub Scouts of Pack 42 of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, along with their families, held their bi-annual Cubanapolis 500 on Saturday, January 31, 2015. What is a Cubanapolis 500? It’s a fun derby where racers put on boxes that look like cars and race each other (by running).

The race took place in the halls of the Littlefield LDS church. Each racer had their parents and family as the pit crew, the Scouts wore goggles during their race, and had lace-up shoes with socks. The “pits” were set up in the cultural hall where the pit crew “serviced” the cars each lap. The race was 5 laps long with a pit stop after each lap. The first pit stop, each “car” had to have their windshield cleaned by their pit crew who squirted water on the goggles and wiped them off. The second pit stop was “refueling.” The driver had to drink a small juice box before continuing on to the next lap. The third pit stop was a “tire change.”


Tire change pit stop for driver Ethan


Siblings of Cub Scouts getting ready to rumble


The racer’s shoes were taken off, the socks were turned wrong side out, and shoes were put back on and tied. The fourth pit stop was “lube”. The racer’s elbows, ear lobes, and/or knees, were lubed with lotion. After all of the Cub Scouts had raced, siblings were then able to race. The cars were amazing! Everyone participated and enjoyed the activity. As everyone left they received a piece of cake (or two) notating that each person was a winner and a darling picture of a car stuck in each piece. Cubmaster Beth King stated, “This was a fun event and a definite favorite for everyone who participated. I can’t wait for the next Cubanapolis 500 in 2017!” The Cub Scouts who participated were: Tag, Aiden, Luke, Gianno, Junior, Steven, Ethan, and Montana. The leaders in attendance were: Cubmaster Beth King, Wolf Den Leader Judy Davis, Bear Den Leader Nadine Peterson, Assistant Bear Den Leader Kim Smyke, and Webelos Leader Janeice Bingham.


Woles running through the halls led by Steven