On Tuesday, February 10, at around 3:40 pm, Mesquite Police Officers were dispatched to a vehicle accident involving a pedestrian in the area of Riverside Road.  The pedestrian, a 15 year old male juvenile, was transported to Mesa View Regional Hospital by Mesquite Fire & Rescue with non life-threatening injuries.

Officers completed a traffic accident investigation as well as collected statements from multiple witnesses.  Officers were able to determine the pedestrian had failed to yield the right-of-way to a vehicle, and had attempted to run across Riverside Road in a location where there is no traffic-control devices or marked crosswalks.  Unfortunately the pedestrian did not see the vehicle as it approached and was hit when he ran in front of it.

Nevada law (NRS 484B.287) allows for pedestrians to cross a roadway at intersections which have official traffic-control devices or at marked crosswalks.  The Police Department would like to emphasize the importance of pedestrians using the multiple marked crosswalks and controlled intersections available to them.  It is also just as important to look both ways for oncoming traffic before crossing.  This was an unfortunate accident, and we wish all those involved a speedy recovery.