Tax increases proposed by our governor are simply outrageous. We have been pouring money into government programs for years and they always want more; it’s like feeding a beast, the more you feed it the bigger it gets and the hungrier it gets. We need better management of government programs not higher taxes to pay for even more government.

Government was created to serve the people not to feed off of them. Somehow government believes that the people and business are there to give more money and then even more, instead of existing to serve the people and businesses. Government believes that they don’t have to live within their income; they just propose programs that sound good and then want money to grow those programs.

An example of this kind of program is “Zoom Schools” sounds good, and it’s essentially a pre-kindergarten program for kids that don’t speak English stated for $100 million increase in the Governor’s budget. The head of Clark County School District loves the program as well as the Program Director despite no improvement. They want to feed it more money and maybe it will get better.

How about $36 million to combat bullying? That sounds good but will it do anything except enrich the people who put it on? The $39 million for the “read by three” programs again sounds good but is it worthwhile to anyone other than those proposing it?

Today public agencies make up a wish list of new and increased programs that must be funded and vote in taxes to fund these wishes. We the people only spend what we currently have plus a little on credit which is much like bonds. But we can’t go to our boss and take more money because we spend too much and want more to spend. We might be able to get more if we showed how we can increase the business income but just wanting doesn’t make it.

We all must manage our money effectively and decide what we can and can’t afford next year. Not so with government they want it so they must have higher taxes to pay for their dreams and grandiose plans. Why don’t they find way to cut their spending like stop collective bargaining between local governments and intrude merit pay for teachers?

This increase in government programs is part of a national tread where government continues to grow and take more from people’s pocket. It’s one thing to grow at the level of increase of population or people’s income but that’s not happening. Nevada taxes have grown 10% over the increase in population or income. This burden will continue to grow because there are always those that promote their special programs or those who benefit from public spending, who then find ways to promote them. Spending on K-12 education has increased 37% and our schools have not improved yet they want more spending. If we want to impose schools we must promote competition which works. How about charter schools, how about vouchers to allow school choice?

Reforms are needed everywhere in government but it’s against the best interest of those working for the government. More programs equal more power, more money and prestige. Those are hard to fight but State Treasurer Dan Schwartz and State Controller Ron Knecht have released their reports to the people (which this article is partially based on). Those reports rips the governor’s budget and proposed tax increases and especially the margin tax which will make Nevada a less completive state in keeping and attracting businesses. Read the reports and you will be convinced that we’re going down a path to giving our entire personal wealth and our power of choice away to government. Is that what we want?