Yarely Garcia is the fifth grade student who has been selected to stand in the AcKIDemic Spotlight for January.  She was selected for her outstanding attributes of academic excellence and citizenship.  Yarely has been the paradigm of excellence throughout her years at Beaver Dam Elementary School.  Her bright smile and upbeat outlook serves as an example to all.  If a cloud has a silver lining, Yarely can find it!

Beaver Dam has been fortunate to have Yarely attend since she was in preschool.  Her younger brother, Vincent Jr., now follows in her footsteps and is enrolled in preschool. Sister Valery is in second grade and mirrors her sister’s enthusiasm for learning.  Proud parents are Alondra and Vicente Garcia.  Both parents are strong supporters of school activities and can be counted on to help out.  The Garcia family’s strong bond clearly shows the importance of parental involvement and support in their children’s success. Rounding out the happy family is Bubbles, a miniature Dobie, who enjoys being inside with the family so much that they have to throw a treat out the door to get him outside!MLN-BDESjan22-15

The family lives on Jones’ Flat.  Yarely keeps busy outside of school attending church class, where she can practice her singing, and enjoying neighborhood activities.  She likes to spend time watching movies with her family.  Outside you might find her actively involved in a football or soccer game. Sometimes the family takes a vacation to Laughlin where they have found a secret beach by the river.

When Yarely was in second grade, she sang “The Star Spangled Banner” in perfect pitch for the Beaver Dam Talent Show.  Her lovely voice has provided much entertainment throughout her years at school.  Not only can she sing like an angel, she has perfect rhythm and dances beautifully.  It was Yarely’s talent that led the entire second grade to successfully dance to “Achy Breaky Heart” for the Spring Fling.  We are looking forward to what she will do in this year’s talent show!

Although artistically gifted, Yarely has her career sights on law.  She looks forward to the day when she will be a lawyer.  Since she is fluent in both Spanish and English, there will be many opportunities for her to use her skills to help others through the legal process.

Yarely says she likes Beaver Dam because “the teachers are nice” and “it’s a good place to learn”.  Her advice to others is to “try to do your best and never give up”.  It seems that Yarely has followed her own advice and is why she is being honored by the entire Beaver Dam Community to stand where she belongs – in the AcKIDemic Spotlight!