Elder Johnson, Danny Allen, David J. Anderson, Laren Abbott and Elder Terry

After nearly ten years serving as president of the Mesquite, Nevada Stake, Theron Nephi Jensen was released last Sunday, January 25, at a conference held for all members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Virgin Valley. His counselors, Kraig Hafen and Craig Anderson were also released with a vote of thanks and gratitude from the huge congregation that nearly filled both church buildings on North Arrowhead.

Sustained by the members to now fill those positions are David Jay Anderson as president, Danny D Allen as first counselor, and Laren Boyd Abbott as second counselor.


Elder Johnson, Craig Anderson, Theron Jensen, Kraig Hafen and Elder Terry

Presiding at the meeting were authorities from church headquarters in Salt Lake City, Elder Paul V. Johnson and Elder Craig B. Terry.