From the freeway, going in either direction, there isn’t much to see when you go past milepost 118. Perhaps you think to yourself, “There’s an exit going in here? How? Why aren’t they working on it yet?” I know I have…


This is the current view of the intersection from W Pioneer Boulevard and Flat Top Mesa as of Monday afternoon. Several dirt-movers were busy redesigning the landscaping in the area to construct the new Exit 118 due to be finished in June/July 2016. Photo by Stephanie Frehner.

So after getting a press release this week from one of the contractors, I decided to find out what was going on. I sent an email to Aaron Baker, the City Liaison and he gave me a front row seat, or stance, as to what is really going on.

The crews are hard at work slowly taking down most of the dirt mounds that are seen from the freeway. Instead of the typical underpass, as with our other two exits, this will be an overpass going over the I15 and then rising up to the existing intersection of W Pioneer Boulevard and Flat Top Mesa. Currently, access to the area is closed off, but according to Baker, the contractor will be creating a Facebook page that will have photos of the project.

According to the project packet from NDOT, there will be a 300-foot-long, four-lane bridge constructed (two lanes in each direction; a new 1,950-foot-long, four-lane (two lanes in each direction) approach roadway; two bicycle lanes on the roadway (but not the freeway) for future trail needs; and one sidewalk compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, extending along the roadway only, like the bike lanes. Overall, the project will spread from the 117.5 milepost to the 118.8 milepost for proper structuring.

MLN-Exit2jan15-15When it is finished in June/July of 2016, larger trucks that will need to reach the businesses on W Pioneer Boulevard like the DoIt Best warehouse and the Mesquite Technology and Commerce Center easily, without having to use the other exits and local roads. This should ease quite a bit of traffic, also.

Baker also confirmed that there is still real interest in a truck stop being built when the interchange is completed.

“This is going to be very good for the City,” said Baker. “It’s going to make a huge difference in the traffic patterns and help this side of town grow to its potential.”

The closed portions of W Pioneer Boulevard and Flat Top Mesa are scheduled to reopen in March.

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Photo courtesy of NDOT

MLN-Exit3jan15-15 MLN-Exit4jan15-15