Miguel Kieyoani and the Mystery Door.

The eaglets that attend Beaver Dam Elementary School are very cherished by the faculty and school community that has the privilege of working with them each day.  From Miss Susan’s kitchen to Mr. Budd’s playground supervision, and with all of the classes in between, the school community works together to help the eaglet students understand that they are cherished, safe, and significant.  Under the leadership of top eagle, Principal Phyllis Leavitt, many monthly activities highlight why these precious children are so important.  Three recent events are examples of honoring the students:  Student of the Month, Accelerated Reader Goals, and The Mystery Door.

Students were honored for being caring by their teachers.  Mrs. Jessica Ross and her fourth grade class gave a presentation on what it means to be caring at the morning School Square activities.  Then Mrs. Leavitt called each student up to be honored by the entire Eagle flock.  Chosen as Students of the Month were:  Maritza Ceja, Lily Sisson, Ethan Garlick, Corben Allen, Esmeralda Sandoval, Carla Plancarte, Melanie Moreno, Maleny Lopez, and Jacquelin Lopez.


Students of the Month: Back row, left to right: Esmeralda Sandoval, Maritza, Ceja, Lily Sisson, Ethan Garlick and Corben Allen. Front Row, left to right: Carla Plancarte, Melanie Moreno, Maleny Lopez, and Jacquelin Lopez.

The Accelerated Reader program has the students reading and taking comprehensive tests every day! The entire student body has earned 4,059 points which reflect 3,542 books which were read by the students.  It is clear that the Beaver Dam Eagles understand that “Readers are Leaders”!  Lizzie Garlick, fifth grade student, completed her grade level goal and earned a gumball machine.  Over 150 prizes were awarded to the hard-working students who read books and take tests to measure their comprehension.

The Mystery Door beckons to students each month, but it only opens for that one student with perfect attendance and whose name is chosen.  This month sixth grader Miguel Kieyoani’s name was chosen.  Would he select the envelope which would probably hold some cash or would he opt for the Mystery Door?  Amid cheers and encouragement by classmates, he selected the door and was pleasantly surprised by a stuffed animal that was nearly as big as he is!  What fun to have this new friend as a reading companion!

Students of the Month, Accelerated Reader, and Mystery Door are just three of the monthly incentives that keep the Beaver Dam Eagles motivated and eager to learn.  The staff hopes that these incentives will be remembered as means by which the students come to learn that they are cherished, safe, and significant.