Lisa2014_1With a new year under way… we should all be more proactive when it comes to our well-being, and who wouldn’t embrace a much healthier life. Starting with filtered water, we should all be drinking plenty of H2O. It’s hydrating for our skin and flushes out toxins from our body. Essentially we need water, as it’s required by all of our cells… enabling us to function at a much better level. Secondly… we should try and rid ourselves of the ‘white’ stuff we all love so much. By this I am talking about breads, flour, rice, pasta (pizza) and other processed foods; replacing them with whole grains such as brown rice. Eating too much of the white stuff can cause your body to crave sugars, not to mention headaches and possibly diabetes. Simply put, it’s unhealthy for you.

One of the most important things we can do in order to help ourselves maintain better health is ‘Exercise.’ We all know this, but sometimes (more than not); we make excuses as to why we don’t. Most of us get busy… and we can’t validate those sorry excuses. It is vital to keep our bodies moving, so 30 minutes of vigorous exercise 3 times a week should be on your agenda this year; even if you can only manage 20 minutes, it’s better than not at all. For those of you dealing with bad winters, there are gyms you can join, yet if money is tight you can always walk the indoor malls. It’s amazing at how many people you see doing this particular form of exercise; “good for them.”

The next topic I am going to mention is ‘Stress.’ Everyone needs to stress less. It’s the number one silent killer in the world; giving in to heart attacks, anxieties and triggering asthma attacks; all caused by a form of stress; as our bodies release ‘Bad’ chemicals into our blood streams. It is necessary to have a sufficient amount of oxygen to fight those. In order to help create better flow of oxygen there are several breathing techniques we can do, such as ‘deep belly breathing; this increases nitric oxide, a chemical released in the blood, reducing your blood pressure. Meditation is one of the best ways to learn how to manage stress, and some believe it is one of the better self-help tools out there, including mindfulness. Mindfulness is again, another way to manage your all around health. It teaches you to practice a calmer way to handle your experiences, giving you complete control to recognize the present in a nonjudgmental state. If everyone practiced mindfulness, you would see immediate results and a more peaceful world. I confess here… I use to practice this, and know that I need to do it again. Sometimes we get lost in our situations, and… or, moments. But it is a work in progress, and the results are amazing. Researchers have found that it reduces your stress significantly, and helps overcome depression and anxieties. For many, this leads to more positive effects on the abilities to cope with tension that exists in daily life. So what we all need to do is… emphasize less on the negatives, in order to restore more positives. From here I will recommend a site which offers great information and reading materials you may want to pick up… and . There are wonderful ways to practice healthier living, not to mention tools, which can be used for better mental health as well.

Last but not least, take charge of your life today, even if it means finding new physicians. I’ve had to do this, and was happy I did. If you do not have a good rapport with your doctor, how can you trust them? It isn’t easy, so always go with your gut instinct. (It’s like a little kazoo on your shoulder telling you what to do.) This is your life… so take charge now.

Make your week count.