New security features will help combat frauddmv

CARSON CITY – Nevada’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has taken steps to make temporary vehicle tags more secure and less vulnerable to fraud, according to DMV Director Troy Dillard.

“Our new dealer placards are web-based and computer generated,” said Dillard. “The new tag can be quickly verified by law enforcement and has both overt and covert security features that will make it harder to counterfeit or tamper with these tags,” he added.

DMV is working with OpSec Security Group, which provides the Secure E Tag system. DMV is providing training to participating dealerships in Las Vegas and Reno this month.

The new temporary tag system provides for the following:

  • On-demand, local printing of temporary vehicle tags
  • An authenticable security seal that is uniquely serialized
  • Centralized repository for temporary tag issuance and expiration
  • Provides a unique identifier for DMV and dealer use

“The old tags were vulnerable to counterfeiting and tampering and could not be verified by law enforcement. This new system makes the temporary tag system more secure for Nevadans who purchase a vehicle,” said Donnie Perry, chief of DMV’s Compliance Enforcement Division.