Lisa2014_1People from all walks of life will have to make changes this coming year, no matter how you look at it. Fluctuating prices in retail continue, however… our local grocers will rise, especially if you like red meat and eggs. According to Nebraska (Rabobank’s Regional Outlook), during the fourth quarter, cattle prices are at record level which are driven by very tight supplies and a strong demand. With strong demand continuing in the first quarter for 2015, renewed strength in prices are inevitable; Now, moving on to eggs… the new cage laws that are going in to effect, it’s estimated they will increase at about 15% for a dozen of eggs. Also, if California continues to have droughts, not to mention severe winter weather, fresh fruit will be another concern when it comes to rising prices.

So what about taxes? No doubt with the new affordable health care act most people need to be prepared, meaning if you haven’t any insurance, you will be penalized on your taxes. They increased the penalty charges for 2015, so instead of $95.00 (for an individual) for not carrying insurance, it will go up to $325.00 or 2% of your household income. I know this will remain a sore subject for many, but for now there isn’t much you can do to avoid the government. They are in your business, and apparently have no intentions of letting this one go.

The technology world is also playing a part in our future. It is so crucial for businesses today to rely on technology, the impact it has enables a new type of workforce which will only increase this year. Thriving on flexibility and independence, it will allow more entrepreneurs the freedom to work from home or other places, no longer fulfilling the 9 to 5 jobs. Real-time and mobile services have empowered this new workforce, and according to the venture capitalists… there were 18 million independent workers in 2014, with expectations of that number sharply rising for 2015. Causes that will drive this force are the leniencies in immigration policies which will allow the people to pursue entrepreneurship, while the health care act makes traditional employment less appealing. These changes alone will drive a massive influx of entrepreneurs for the coming year and beyond.

Large companies such as Best Buy, Circuit City and Radio Shack are a vision of the past… an end to the superstores. This is where the internet (web) and mobile services begin. We are constantly changing, and the consumer no longer spends the time looking inside stores. When you think about it, most of us do our “leg work” online these days. Traditional retail infrastructure, along with supply chain logistics is clearly being disrupted by new technology platforms and data-enabled distribution systems, offering predictive analytics with better customer profiling with blended online and offline data. It now optimizes the consumers’ lives, allowing them to spend more time at home and on personal tasks; as time is money.

Last on my list are changes that are being made on Face Book this year. You can find the top three changes which are easily explained at…/3-facebook-changes-in-2015  and of course you can try to bring up Facebook on your own, but sometimes let’s face it… they use a lot of jargon at times and I’m not always sure how to take care of things I need to do in order to help protect myself. This Komando site is a good one in my opinion. So there you have it… just a few changes that are currently taking place. Finding ways to deal with changes doesn’t come with ease for many, but having knowledge always helps. Plan your year out as best as possible… and always keep up with information that may pertain to you and your future.

Make your week count.