By: Helen Houston Creamersofa pillows
Certified Color Consultant

A new paint color instantly refreshes a room and adds style to your space. Not sure where to begin? Consider these creative tips to find color inspiration for your interior or exterior paint projects.

1. Browse your home.
Do you have a favorite art piece or rug pattern? There is a reason you are drawn to these pieces. Find inspiration from your home décor, colors you are comfortable with and can live with day to day.

2. Think small.
Don’t underestimate the little items in your home. You can find inspiration in the small things – a favorite dish, a picture, keepsake or anything small you add to make a house your home. After you find your inspiration piece, find colors that complement that piece and the space that’s being painted.

3. Go natural.
Nature provides ample inspiration for finding a paint color for any space, in or outside our home. Our world is filled with brilliant colors, yet it also harbors gentle tones for any palette.

4. Get cozy.
Searching for an elusive accent color? Look at what you already have in the space. Finding accent colors for rooms becomes easier when you use items like pillows or comforters. They make a good starting point.girl back paints blue wall

5. Create a vibe.
What tone or feelings do you want your space to relay? A relaxing atmosphere could lead to cooler colors, while an energizing space might be better suited for something warmer or brighter.

6. “Pin” it!
Check out Pintrest, flip through a magazine, turn on the TV or search the myriad of websites to check out the latest color fashion trends. The colors you spot and are attracted to can serve as color inspiration.

7. Find a fabric.
Create a color palette like a pro by using a fabric already in the room. This fabric will tell you if you’re more comfortable with cool colors or if you tend to opt for warmer hues.

8. Pick a pattern.
Swing by a fabric store or a department store clothing section and find a fabric pattern that draws you in. An exciting color found in fabric can be used as a great start, and lighter or darker versions of those colors can be a terrific inspiration base.

Still color-phobic?
Sampling the color first in the intended space ensures the color will create the desired effect. Rather than painting directly on the wall, use test boards to avoid regrettable painting mistakes. Test the paint in multiple lighting situations by moving the test board around the room. View the test board behind draperies, behind the sofa, in corners, next to windows and around all surface areas. This will give you an idea if colors contrast or complement and give you confidence in your paint color decision.

Helen Houston Creamer is the owner of Hues & Vues – Inspired Walls and Windows located at 350 Falcon Ridge Parkway, Building 100 Suite 102, Mesquite, NV. 702-346-0246.

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