mike youngChristmas is a time for fun, friends and family yet this year it should also be a time of introspection, for as they say the barbarians are at the gates. As we look around the world, Christianity is under attack and the question is who is going to defend it. Christianity has brought forth the greatest civilization the world has ever known. Richness in gold, art and human rights have emerged from a largely barbarian world.

When Christians are beheaded and women forced into virtual slavery why are we not standing up and saying no that’s not right and be prepared to do something about it? America has been the leader of the Christian world, but what is next? Many in our government are saying it’s not our job to defend other Christians; we should be a secular state and take out the foundations, which support our way of life. These foundations support our way of life and our society, why would anyone remove those foundations.

Removing the Ten Commandments from many of our government buildings has been going on for years. Yet those commandments were the foundation on which we built our country and our laws. Seeing them in many court rooms reminded us of how we should live our lives and reminded those who didn’t live by those rules why they were in trouble.

Think about how many young people today don’t know the rules of life. No one told them they should not steal; no one told them they should not have children without a commitment from both mom and dad to raise that child. The family structure is under minded by welfare benefits that encourage many to have children out of wedlock and never even try to get a job. How did killing someone make you a man on the streets?

Political correctness has gone much too far, it’s time we push back. Remember when we had a national day of prayer. Many people attended; it hurt no one and if you did not agree you did not have to attend or participate, but it showed our roots. When people come to this country and want their kind of law, why don’t we show them the door? We don’t force them to become Christians but they shouldn’t be telling us what to do in our house. Today many would say that we are no longer a Christian nation. If that is true, we will have lost our moral compass and will slide in history as the great experiment that failed. Is that what we want?

We should standup and speak up; this nation that was built on Judeo/Christian principles and that is our anchor in this turbulent world. You don’t even have to believe, just realize that you are in someone’s house and act as a gracious guest, a guest that respects someone else’s beliefs. If you want to live in our house, you don’t have to believe as we do but you must respect our beliefs.

Come join us for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ on whose ideas this country was built. You don’t have to be a Christian, just respect our right to celebrate. In addition, for the New Year, let’s stand up and support Christians around the world so they can enjoy what we have created wherever they are. Let’s us become their best friend.