A concerned citizen came into the Mesquite Police Department to report that he found hot dogs that were stuffed with a blue unknown substance. The citizen informed officers that he found the hot dogs while walking his dog at the north end of Chaparral Drive near the Vista Del Monte water tank.

Animal Control Division Manager Officer Joe Macias collected the hot dogs and sent them off to be tested by Nevada Department of Agriculture. The test results recently came back positive as a rodenticide.

Since the incident Mesquite Police Officers and Mesquite Animal Control Officers have been conducting extra patrol in the area where the poisoned hot dogs were found. Animal Control Division Manager Joe Macias cautioned pet owners by stating “We assume someone was trying to poison pets and or other animals by placing the poisoned hot dogs out where animals and their owners frequent. Pet owners should always walk their dogs on a leash and be aware of what your dog picks up in order to avoid them from ingesting something they shouldn’t.”

The Mesquite Police Department is actively investigating the incident and requests citizens notify police if they witness any suspicious persons and or activity in the area.