Dancers from Releve’s Jazz 1 class perform last Saturday night for the Studio’s final performance at the Mesquite Community Theatre. Dancing to ‘Underneath the Christmas Tree were (not in order) Tanner King, Amanda McCulloch, Kaila Olsen, Eniya Proctor, Erika Proctor, Adriana Ludena, Kimberly Soto and Jocelyn Spilker. Photo by Stephanie Frehner.

It was just over a year ago that Tasha Gorman opened her dance studio here in Mesquite, not too long after getting burned by a previous studio just months before. The bitter taste of not having any formidable options for her daughters to improve their dance skills in Mesquite helped to push her to open her own studio.


Maritza Perez, Leslie Delgado, Sarah Davis and Tess Butterfield (not in order) danced to Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake it Off’ last Saturday. Photo by Stephanie Frehner.

It seems like it has been much longer that just 15 months since Relevé Dance Studio opened in the Bulldog Plaza on West Mesquite Boulevard.


Ellie Bennett, Alana Cortez and Ava Johnston (not in order) from the Pre-Dance class were “Dancing With Teddy” Photo by Stephanie Frehner.

The studio space was remodeled and dance teachers came from as far away as Las Vegas to help the youth of Mesquite learn how to dance and perform.

“I couldn’t have done any of this without the amazing teachers at Releve: Melani Michaud, Tiffany Hansen and Jessica Isidro. They were able to handle so much on their own while I was out of town,” Gorman said in her farewell Saturday night.

But even with having her own studio to share with the community, Gorman wanted more for her children. In early November, her family, including local doctor Mike Gorman, picked up and moved to Henderson.


Local middle school student, Gracie Wong, performed her talent routine that she normally does at pageants, ‘Stuck Like Glue.” Photo by Stephanie Frehner.

“We moved to Henderson because we wanted more opportunities overall,” said Gorman. “My own girls wanted to go to a larger studio with a very active competition team.  I wanted better educational opportunities for my kids, and we are excited about the diversity that the Vegas area offers.”

With help from the community, Relevé was able to entertain the community with several shows and special appearances over the past year, including gigs at the CasaBlanca when they had their Variety Show running.


The Mesquite Toes performed several numbers last Saturday night, including this one – ‘Elmo wants a Hippopotamus for Christmas’ by Irene Green, Pam Sadler, Sandy Hughes, Judy Edgington, Sandy Wolczak and Judy Brittain (not in order). Photo by Stephanie Frehner.


The ‘Toes dance to “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” Photo by Stephanie Frehner.

Mesquite Toes founder, Vicki Eckman, was also an integral part in building Relevé’s reputation and experience in the community, assisting with opportunities for the students to perform with the Toes on multiple occasions. Other groups and community members were also important to the organizing and success at Relevé, including the Mesquite Community Theatre, its staff and Larry LeMieux. Relevé was truly the product of the Mesquite community coming together to make something good happen. And the students felt that, too.


Jazz 2 Class of Hailey Lehman, Abby Felix and Leah McCulloch (not in order) performed ‘Winter Dream’ last Saturday in Releve’s final show. Photo by Stephanie Frehner.

“Every time we had a show or a performance because the dancers were able to showcase their talents and everything they’d learned, and they were so excited to do it,” noted Gorman. “I’m very emotional doing my final show in Mesquite.  I worked really hard and LOVE all the kids and families so it’s like a goodbye that I don’t want to say, but that I have to say.”

Last Saturday’s finale left the community wanting more, with a nearly full audience of supporters.

In a final statement through email Monday, Gorman said that she “will miss the kids, their smiles, their hard work, their dedication. I love the fact that if they were having a rough day, they were able to come in and forget about it for an hour or more.  I’ll miss the interaction with them and their families.  I love watching my own girls dance and I know the satisfaction it brings kids, so I will miss the fact that I’m able to provide that. There are a lot of talented kids in Virgin Valley, the Arizona strip and the Moapa Valley area that were coming to my studio, and I would love to see a continuation of talented dance instruction that they’re used to from Relevé.”