LADIES ONLY! Cardio boxing uses the fundamentals of boxing to achieve an intense cardio workout.  Participants will strike a heavy bag during the class which will require wraps and gloves (purchased by the participant).  Drills incorporating jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts will ensure the cardiovascular system is challenged, while pushups, sit-ups, squats, lunges, and running will tone and trim the body. Jumps and jarring movements are part of the class but can be modified or eliminated if required/desired.

This class is for women who want to challenge themselves while building relationships with other participants.  We work in a positive atmosphere with encouragement and recognition.

This class is for all levels of fitness but participants must be able to move from the floor to a standing position without assistance. This class is 45 minutes; participants are requested to bring water, towel and dress to work out. Classes will be Tuesday & Thursday at 5:00AM at the Deuce Fitness Room, Suite # 5, 150 North Yucca Street. There is a fee for this program; please inquire with the Mesquite Recreation Center.


Adult Basketball “drop in mornings & nights” for ages 16 and above, is scheduled to begin November 6, 2014. Those interested are invited to come participate in pickup games or just shoot around on your own. (This program is for the Basketball Gym Only.)

The “Drop In” times and days will consist of the following: Monday mornings from 5:00 – 7:00am and Thursday evenings from 7:00 – 9:00PM.

The gym will be set up for the ‘drop in basketball’ program and will run to the end of February 2015.

There is a fee for the drop in unless you have a membership with the Recreation Facility; please inquire at the Recreation Center for this.

Wear comfortable clothing, NON MARKING SOLED SHOES ARE REQUIRED. No food or sports drinks are allowed in the gym area.


Two New Class Offered at the Mesquite Recreation Center

The Mesquite Recreation Center is now offering a “Zumba® Basic” and “Abs, Buns & Thigh” class.

The Zumba® Basic class take place on Monday and Wednesday at 10 a.m. Zumba® is an easy to follow cardio workout that lets you move to the beat at your own speed. It’s an invigorating, community-oriented dance-fitness class that feels fresh, and most of all, exhilarating! This class provides modified, low impact moves for beginners, and active adults.   The sweating, dancing, and occasionally shouting involved in Zumba will release stress and tension in a person’s body.  Come join and meet Zumba® fitness instructor, Griseyda Belalcazar.

The second class taught by Belalcazar is the “Abs, Buns and Thigh” class held 3 times per week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 5:30 p.m.  This class is a complete package offering a mix of various core exercises. This high intensity class consists of floor aerobics, core training and strength conditioning, a great way to try a personal training in a group format.

Begin with 5-7 minutes of warm up, move directly into 35-40 minutes of mixed impact aerobics moves.  The exercises in the Abs, Buns & Thighs class tone and strengthen the Abdominal (Abs), Glute (Buns), Thighs (Hamstring, Adductors & Quadriceps) muscles. Every workout is different which makes it more effective and keeps it interesting.

By targeting a few muscle groups, you will be able to see quick and noticeable results in those stubborn areas!  Everything you are looking for in one hour!  This class is an excellent option for beginners, those on a maintenance training program, and intermediate to advance students.  All fitness levels welcome!  It is highly recommended to bring a towel and a water bottle.

No one leaves these classes without sweating!  Both classes are free to Recreation Center pass-holders and a small fee will be charged for non-Pass holders.  Drop-ins welcome!


Adult Spring Softball Composite Bat League

The City of Mesquite is currently taking team registration for all adult leagues. Registrations must be made in person at the Department of Athletics & Leisure Services Administrative Offices, located at 100 West Old Mill Road. Registration is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please be aware that you may only register one team and that no spots will be held over the phone. We cannot hold checks or cash for any reason, so please have your sponsor’s or personal check when registering.

  • Adult Co-ed Softball Fall League begins February 24, 2015. (Games played on Tuesday Nights) League includes a 10-14 games schedule (depending on the amount of teams signed up), and a post-season tournament.  Modified USSSA co-ed rules apply; players must be 16 or older to participate. Deadline to register a team is February 14, 2015 (Men will use wood bats and Women will use composites)
  • Adult Men’s Softball Fall Wood Bat League begins February 25, 2015. (Games played on Wednesday Nights).  League includes a 10-14 games schedule (depending on the amount of teams signed up), and a post-season tournament.  Modified USSSA rules apply; players must be 16 or older to participate. Deadline to register a team is February 14, 2015

Late sign-ups will not be accepted for any of these sports and there will be no exceptions made after the deadline.

A sport application/team registration form must be filled out by all team sponsor and/or coach before the deadline in order for your team to acquire a spot or position in any of the adult sports league ran by the City of Mesquite Department of Athletics & Leisure Services.



Bystander CPR and AED use course covers American Heart Association guidelines for CPR in adult, child, and infant in one person rescuer. Participants will follow the AHA curriculum which provides frequent practice of CPR and AED skills. Participants will demonstrate conscious choking maneuvers. This course is not recommended for those requiring a healthcare level training. AHA 2 year validation card will be issued following the course, Course length 2-3 hours.

Make sure to bring water and wear comfortable clothing. There are fees included to participate in the class, please inquire on these with the Recreation Center, we ask that you preregister for the class. The deadline to register is December 18, 2015 at 9:00PM. The class will be held (Saturday) December 20, 2014 from 9:00AM – 12:00PM at the Mesquite Community/Senior Center. Classes are taught by Belinda Guglielmo a certified instructor.


Youth Spring Flag Football Registration

Youth Fall Flag Football is scheduled to begin January 21, 2015, for BOYS and GIRLS ages 4 – 12 years old.  The deadline to register is January 4, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. Registrations are being taken now. Organized practices will be on Monday evenings and games will be played on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

If spots are available after the registration deadline, those wanting to fill the available positions will be charged a late sign-up fee per spot.  Spots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

“The purpose of youth programs in the City of Mesquite Recreation & Parks Department is to guide boys and girls through an organized program,” said Zach Robison, Recreation Coordinator. “Youth can learn the fundamentals of a sport and learn sportsmanship through participation. The ultimate goal is to encourage skill development and foster a positive attitude.”

For more information on this and other programs please contact the Department of Athletics & Leisure Services at (702) 346-8732. Register for youth and adult programs online at: for more information and to stay connected via social media, our Facebook: or at the Administrative Offices located at 100 W. Old Mill Road.