MLN-BDESnov27-14Fifth grade student, Lizzie Garlick, has been selected by her teacher to shine in the AcKIDemic Spotlight.  Lizzie has been an outstanding citizen and scholar throughout her years as a proud eagle at Beaver Dam Elementary School.  Each of her teachers has recognized that Lizzie has many talents and will undoubtedly do something positive in life that will bring joy to others.

Lizzie comes from a large, supportive family.  Although she was born in Henderson, Nevada, parents Darrell and Colleen recognized that the rural community of Beaver Dam would be more to their liking for bringing up a family than the hustle and bustle of Henderson.  When Lizzie was one year old, they made the move.  They now live in a lovely home with plenty of acreage close enough to Beaver Dam that the Garlick children can often be seen riding their bikes to school.

Lizzie has five brothers and sisters.  The oldest is Josie who is a senior this year at Beaver Dam High School.  Rebecca, Danielle and Curtis are also attending Beaver Dam Middle/High School.  Brother Steven, who is in third grade, attends the elementary school with Lizzie.  All of the Garlick children are outstanding students and paradigms of leadership.  Josie has plans to attend BYU after graduation, and Lizzie hopes to follow in her footsteps when it is her turn to head off to college.

Math is Lizzie’s favorite subject in school.  She likes it because solving the problems comes easily for her.  She is a voracious reader who enjoys the continuing stories found in chapter books.  When she grows up, Lizzie hopes to be an art teacher.  She feels this job will allow her to “be the boss” and express her “love of art”.  Lizzie is a budding musician and attends Mr. John Budd’s after-school guitar class.  Her favorite tune is “Yellow Submarine”.  When Lizzie grows up, she plans to live in Bunkerville because it is “safe and quiet”.

When not busy farming, the Garlicks can be found at their cabin in the mountains.  It is a favorite get away during the summertime because it’s much cooler than being in the desert.  Lizzie loves it when Mom fixes the tin foil dinners and everyone sits around the fire.  Another family activity which keeps Lizzie busy is playing volleyball, which is her favorite sport.  The family had a fantastic trip to Yellowstone this past summer.  They were interrupted during lunch by a visiting mama bear and her three cubs.

When asked for advice to other students in order to be successful, Lizzie said it’s wise to “save the good candy for last” and “be sure to bring in homework each day”.  Much admired and always a source of good ideas, it is easy to see why Lizzie Garlick is found in the AcKIDemic Spotlight.  It is only a prelude to the successful and impressive life she is destined to live.  The entire Eagle’s nest gives her the respected two-wing salute for her many accomplishments and good example for what it means to be a Beaver Dam Eagle.