To the Editor:

For the past nine years I have had the honor of directing the Mesquite Veterans Day parade.  Unfortunately this year Mother Nature failed to cooperate.  Because of the rain and high winds I decided to cancel the parade.  With so many of our veterans and families and guests, as well as participants from other cities being well into adulthood, I needed to consider their well being and health above everything.

I want to thank everyone who participated in preparing for the parade.  I know how much time and effort as well as money spent it takes for just one short event, only to be rained out.  It takes several months of preparing for this event and it would be nearly impossible to reschedule.  We are looking forward to having a great parade next year and hope to see all of you there.  I want to thank the Virgin Valley Mortuary for their assistance, the Mesquite Veterans Center, the City of Mesquite, our dedicated volunteers who put in so much time and most of all the citizens of Mesquite

Al Litman

Parade Chairman