Wednesday’s play confuses players

Wednesday’s outing at the Falcon Ridge Golf Course was easier said than done for the GAS Club as they switched up the format. Thanks to Andrew Yeh, who turned out to be a great auditor, he figured out the winners of the day’s match.

This format was complicated, even from a golf expert’s standpoint. Each team needed two scores on each par five, three scores on each par four and then all four players needed to get in the act on the par fives, thus having a par of 206 for each team.

The winning team finished 12.8 strokes under, consisting of Steve Fennimore, Bob Roth, Dave Calmelat and Jim Buttler.

The skins for the day went to Alex Churchich, John Johnson, Andrew Yeh and Larry Mierisch.

Closest to the pin winners were Yeh on hole #5, John Meyers on holes #8 and #14 and Buttler on holes #2 and #17.

The next adventure for the GAS Club will be on Monday, November 10 at 1:30 p.m. at the Falcon Ridge Golf Course.



John Meyer enjoyed his round from the forward tees on Tuesday at Falcon Ridge.  He birdied holes three, nine, eleven and the number one handicap hole the thirteenth for two rounds of 40-40.   It was his great birdie on 13 that awarded him low gross honors because fellow member Ben Bishop also had two identical holes of 40-40 for 80 but his double bogey six on 13 gave it to Meyer.  It wasn’t a total disaster for Bishop because his 80 gave him first place low net honors with 68.  Frank Thomasino (82) took second gross aided by birdies on three, nine and sixteen.  Second low net went to Gary Denhalter (89) and net 70.  Don Mannon (91) and Tom Durenberger (88) tied for third net.  Mannon would take the third spot with a nice par four on 13 dropping Durenberger into fourth.   After their rounds Durenberger said to Mannon, “Listen to my day. I shot one par 37 on the front and 51 on the back hitting the wrong ball”.  Mannon replied, “I got that beat easily. I had three birdies on the front for a 38 and shot 53 on the back.  As Manny Lira would ask, “is there a prize for doing that”.  Yes there is Manny it’s called the “flat tire” award.

Welcome new MMGA member David Miller.   Also welcome back “snowball” Lou Roney.


The “powers -to -be” in the MMGA were a bit concerned that after Jon Hawkins volunteered to move back and play from the back tees that his game began to suffer.  That concern is over after Hawkins fine play at the Palms golf course on Thursday.  He was partnered with fellow competitor Andrew Yeh and new member Tim Miller.  Yeh made the turn with a birdie on the 4th hole but struggled as he recorded a 41.  Hawkins meanwhile birdied four and seven for a one over par 37.  Yeh opened the back nine with a birdie on 10, 13 and 15 to finish the back side one under par 36 and a total 77.  Hawkins was not bothered by Yeh’s performance and stayed focused with a birdie on 16 and another one over par 37 for a finish of 74 and medalist honors.  Yeh was rewarded with his second place finish with his own first place low net honors at 69.  Roger Mueller (83) and net 70 was all alone in second.  Lou Roney is back at his normal “fruit picking” mode.  He shot a very nice two over par 38 but fell on hard times with 48 on the back and his 86 turned into a net 72 for the third spot.  Aaron Kennard (90) and Manny Lira (93) were tied with net 73 until Kennard’s par five on the first handicap hole gave him 4th and Lira fifth.

Welcome new member Jeff Hoyt.  Hope you will play well and often with the MMGA.

The next scheduled play is on Tuesday, Nov 11th at the Falcon Ridge at 8:00 and Thursday, Nov 13th at 8:00 at the Canyons.  Always check your sign up sheets for any corrected times or places.  Anyone interested in joining the MMGA can call 346-6363.  Also check out our website at