lisa 1.3.14_10Vehicle Parking has been made convenient with valet service, using parking attendants at a variety of facilities; Nevada has a need for this type of market, given its enormous size casinos with adjacent hotels, it adds a bit of glamour. However, there are many other facilities using valet services, such as hospitals, malls, car washes, etc. My point is… that we hand over our keys to many people these days, and with new technology and smart phones, don’t think hackers are just getting into the clouds of your personal pictures or data… they now are snapping pictures of your keys and having them made right on line, and they call themselves ‘ Cyber Locksmiths.’

Protecting yourself from the criminal becomes more challenging every year, as technology improves… so do their skills. There are new apps for smart phones which allow one to take pictures of your keys and send them directly to an on line hardware store, which then virtually scan each and every groove and bump in the key, processing it and sending it right to your door step, via website of course. These places are beginning to pop up all over the place on the internet. I can tell you first hand, in Las Vegas it doesn’t matter where you park your car, you should never leave valuables in it anywhere… as I had my car broken in to not once… but twice! They were able to use a device without even damaging my door locks; maybe they had a key (?)

One particular on line store making headlines is and while they said back in August of this year they only were doing house keys, they were eventually going to make auto keys. The owner assured the public that safety was a concern and certain measures would be taken, such as credit card matching the billing address and the photos of the key (had to be of both sides of the particular key) also had to accompany the information supplied. An interesting bit of information I would like to pass along though, is something I found out about keys in general… it is a key which features a unique rotating disc based system with an anti-pick system and is rated top notch; an Abloy Key.

The Abloy Protect system came out in 2001 and is based out of Finland; it is also considered the most reputable high security lock manufacturers in the world, while saying it is completely bump proof and pick resistant. After browsing the web pages, I believe this would be a good investment; at least it is worth a try. The site I found this at is and I am sure they take their business seriously. Anyhow, I hope you find some of this information valuable… I take safety precautions every single day. Granted, we get relaxed at times… letting are guard down… but just as we do, they are lurking around the corners waiting, and with the Holidays within weeks, you can’t be too careful. Be on the watch.

Make your week count.