DonkeysLast Saturday, October 25, the donkeys from the Scenic Arizona Satellite Adoption Center of Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue were celebrating “The Power of Pink” to raise money for the Mesquite Cancer Help Society.

The donkeys were there to meet the public and show their pink bows and some donkeys even had pink manes and tales. The donkeys wanted to give back to the community that has supported them.
The donkeys greeted visitors and waited for their favorite treats “animal crackers” while visitors could quench their thirst with a nice cold glass of lemonade or water.

All donations went directly to the Cancer Help Society and stay locally.

We want to thank everyone that attended this event in support of Mesquite Cancer Help Society. A special thanks to the volunteers who gave their time to be on hand to help and answer about the donkeys supporting “The Power of Pink”.

For more information, call 928-347-4506 or check out their website at