Lisa2014_1On-line gaming doesn’t always refer to Vegas style gaming, such as slots or poker tournaments with other players, but it refers to newer games found on computers today… and it sucks you in like a vacuum! I often wondered about these types of games found on social media sites, like Farmville, Bubble Witch, Candy Crush, then there are Trivia and Word Games along with Slot mania and so on. Well, last week, I tried a couple, as friends sent me “invites” through Facebook; I decided to take the plunge. Oh my, what a mistake. It was like something out of Poltergeist! I was sucked into the television and couldn’t get out! Wow… no wonder where everyone disappeared too. I spent hours playing and before you know it, it was past my bed time. I didn’t even want to eat, or do anything for that matter… I just wanted to accomplish another round, or should I say achieve another level of my game before I would get up from the couch. After this experiment, I can see where some of this gaming may not be so great. On one hand it stimulates the brain (depending on the game and strategic moves you may need to make), on the other hand, it is constant sitting and can put your mind at ease to a point of no return… especially if one is depressed or just unhappy, it keeps you in a daze more less. Weird, yes I believe it is, but this is my observation; just personal thoughts. I then think about our younger adults and children playing these games and how they should be out mingling more, instead of on line playing games.

After giving a few of these games a whirl, I decided to venture into other games; quizzes, I thought to myself. As I scrolled through the pages of Facebook there are a lot of quizzes people take, and I find the answers very entertaining… so I decided to take a few myself; I figured “why not? Employers use personality tests today… it can’t hurt.” So the first site I went to was I took the test “what were you in your past life?” The test asks you a series of questions with pictures to choose from; I found it amusing, if I do say so myself. By the time I was finished it calculated my answer and told me I was a witch; hence… as to my obsession to Halloween possibly, or Pirates? Then there is and , all kinds of sites to take a variety of tests. They are just for fun, but I find them entertaining. It beats staring into a machine that turns its wheels constantly, hoping for fake money… but then again, it beats losing real money. Whatever your reason is for playing, you understand it is just for fun. What we need to remember here, is we need to take time to get up and move around and shake it off! Make your kids move around; don’t allow them to sit for hours at a time… make them shake it off! As Taylor Swift sings it… “Shake it off, Shake it off!!

Make your week count.