Lisa2014_1With seasons changing, no matter where you might reside… there is always yard work in need of preparation for the change of temperatures, among possible storms and whatnot. Some of you may hire landscapers on a regular basis, while others do it only a few times a year, but how do you know that ‘who’ you hire… is trust worthy and will do a good job? This is the part where one must do some research. Even when it comes to home repairs, auto repairs… anything these days, you must be able to trust the people you pay to do the work; including movers and storage companies.

Beginning with , this use to be the number one site for many, no matter where you live, it provides a variety and reliable source of information, not to mention reviews from others left on this site, but you must pay for the membership. So for those that cannot afford to pay for this type of research, there is a newer site available, it is and it is free; though I haven’t been on to use it, I don’t know anyone who has valuable knowledge to this site yet, but I thought I would mention it since it is at no cost to use it… as of yet. As I did some casual reading in business times, I noticed that according to their research, last year… 9 out of 10 consumers had reported they used online reviews to make their final decisions as to whom they would hire to do work for them. One more site which seems to be a granddaddy of them all is Yelp. While I have never used it, I have read much about it, and no matter how much research seems to go into this, no one can quite figure out how they are filtering out legitimate reviews. Angies List claims that “businesses don’t pay” and that it is a consumer-driven based service which is supported by its membership fees; yet an estimated 70% of its revenue comes from purchased advertising from its own providers. However, for the most part… a lot of people like and trust Angies List, but I would say give the freebie a try. I believe the most important review you can have is a personal one. By this I mean a testimony from someone you know, though that is not always the case… depending on what type of work you are looking to have done.

Word of mouth is the not always the best way to go; I learned the hard way. I used a mover that seemed to work out okay the first time around for me, but the second time when he offered to take my vehicle and made comments about the stuff in my car to me… I felt an “odd” type of feeling. Then… the “unanswered” calls while he was supposedly on the road with my items into the following day, didn’t add up; in the end… I lost everything that meant anything, and everything of value. I believe to this day the mover had something to do with it. As I traveled the same road he did only 2 1/2 months later I stopped at a truck stop to gas up. A lady at the counter was wearing a necklace like mine (one of a kind) and very noticeable. I asked where she purchased it, and she told me from someone passing through a couple of months ago, “Odd?” Yes it is… my guts tell me that, but what do I really know? So beware of who you hire. Check out their background and make sure they are bonded; meaning insured. Reviews are good, and don’t forget the Better Business bureau, it is always a good source. Whatever your choice may be, don’t be afraid to be choosy and take your time… as long as the situation allows.

Make your week count.