Debra Beatty_1Have you day-dreamed about visiting lands far off? Have you wondered about the mores of Baskerville? Do you want to see Vatican City? Savvy seniors 50 years and older are eligible for study trips. Educational travel and learning vacations are exciting, they are informative and they are stimulating. Curious oldsters can travel with other seniors to far away places and enjoy the beauty of the world while saving money. Take a travel tour with Road Scholar formerly Travel Elderhostel. Roads Scholar is a not for profit travel leader in education tours. They offer 5,500 education tours in all 50 states and 150 countries. The agency offers scholarships to North American participants up to the amount of $300000. The nice part of this is that the price of your trip includes travel, lodgings, meals, tips, etc.

Road Scholars has joined forces with Amtrak, etc and secured a reduction in your travel fare. Road Scholars has joined forces with educational institutions and secured educators, who conduct the tours and teach, instruct you the tourist and the student in the history of the country you are in. Road Scholar has theme based trips, intergenerational, outdoor adventure, service learning, adventure afloat, independent city .You will learn the culture of other nations, learn about their eating habits and partake in the gourmet foods waiting to be consumed, develop a new out look and appreciation of others. Have you thought about visiting the country where your family roots started? Walk the streets your ancestors walked. Visit the churches where your forefathers worshiped. Meet distant relatives who are anxiously waiting to embrace you and welcome you home. They want to tell you and they want to learn about your mutual family.

To the curious, the serious and the traveler, explore this great opportunity to take the adventure of your life time. Call Road Scholar toll free 800-454-5768. For hearing impaired call 877-426-2167.