Debra Beatty_1I skipped to my automobile and drove to the local hardware store to buy one small screw. The sales associate was upbeat, his name was Tony. He had excellent client skills. He radiated a mental energy that was contagious. He had a happy walk. Tony possessed a great knowledge of the stores products. He had no problem sharing his knowledge with me; the store had a huge inventory of screws. There are many different types of the screws. Their uses are many. I soon became the new owner of one small screw, $.68. Tony did one other thing which I took note, he complimented the store he worked for in his sales pitch.

I wanted a new flash light and had been putting the purchase of one off for no reason at all. This was the golden opportunity to buy one. The sales associate, Tony offered to help me. He quickly began client education on the difference in flash lights. He had the ability to meet me on my level of understanding. He presented my necessary education in words that were easy to understand and absorb. He talked with me, not down to me. The intended use of this product is more important than I had previous imagined. I finally settled upon one small flash light. I walked away a satisfied customer. I was certainly
a well informed customer. I felt good. I had experienced quality customer service.

I am honoring Tony for offering and delivering quality customer service in a cheerful, upbeat happy manner. It was my pleasure to do business with him.
Debra Beatty moved to Mesquite 2005. She graduated from the University of LaVerne and National University.