Lisa2014_1Attention all drivers, hopefully most of you have a valid driver’s license … because let’s face it; many people on the roads today actually do not know how to drive or park their vehicles. Not only do they need some serious practice, many drivers just don’t care.

As a driver, I hold a CDL License, and though many do not need one, I believe that taking an occasional test may help those that have difficulty on busy roads, especially open highways; but, that is another subject I’ve discussed in the past. Today I would like to talk about parking. There are designated lines in which we should adhere to. These lines are sometimes faint, depending on the location where you are, but nevertheless… they are for you to use as guidelines. Yes, I said ‘guidelines’… to park your vehicle within these lines for your convenience as well as others. However, drivers have become rushed and sloppy, or they just don’t care. Maybe some of you need glasses? Whatever your excuses, you need to listen up.

As a driver, one must know ‘how’ to park in a variety of situations. (You might be laughing, but I believe there are those people that cannot judge a parking space). First and foremost, take your time. People are so impatient today, you need to concentrate on yourself… forget the one beeping at you; seriously. Avoid hitting curbs (and whatnot) by focusing on your depth perception and get a sincere sense of the space before pulling in to it. Always make sure your mirrors are adjusted correctly, so you can see objects (including lines on the pavement) in order to assess it properly. Now, let me add here, Please Do Not Park a mid or full size vehicle in a space that clearly says Compact Only! Totally a pet peeve of mine; the size of the vehicle dictates the size of space needed. Hello…. That is like me taking my full size vehicle and parking in between two cars so tightly that I must squeeze out my door… literally! If you do this, than expect scratches or dents on your car, because if one of those people come back before you, they will most likely feel rage. It is what it is today. I’ve already seen it, and I’ve also watched someone throw coke out their window at the other car. People need to have some parking etiquette, and remember… let’s treat others the way ‘we’ want to be treated.

Last week while attending an appointment at a hospital, I parked in a structure. Most structures have designated signs, such as; Valet parking only, Doctors, Chaplin, and Day Surgery Parking. My problem was my disbelief of vehicles parking dead center on lines in these areas. Then the problem is snowballed into the following spaces; if this isn’t disrespectful to others…  I don’t know what is. An extra moment or a few extra steps of walking, my goodness people… what is it going to take? Let’s get some parking security to give out warnings or something; I don’t know what the answer is anymore. It’s like asking… “Does anyone care anymore?” I sure hope so. Anyhow, here are some websites that might be helpful for those that have problems; and of course there are large photos with instructions at

If you are in doubt over the size of the space, just keep moving on, don’t try and squeeze it in, you could damage another vehicle or make it hard for someone to get into theirs… it’s not very nice. Let’s try harder, and be conscious of our ways.

Make your week count.