This article adds energy policy to our “People’s Platform” which now looks like this:

The People’s Platform:

Restore U.S. Manufacturing with balanced trade

  • Confront China on trade relations
  • Implement the Michael Graetz tax reform plan

Achieve energy self-sufficiency

  • Upgrade our energy infrastructure
  • Settle the “climate change” issue
  • Create simplified regulatory framework
  • Research and Development for future energy sources

Achieve energy self-sufficiency

There will be no secure economic renewal until we are masters of our energy supply.

The United States played the major role in creating the oil industry, and up to WWII was the biggest oil producer. It was our capacity to fuel ourselves and our allies that powered the “arsenal of democracy” to victory in 1940-1945.

Such a level of effort could not be maintained. After the war the U.S., being a global superpower, came increasingly to rely on outside supply, guaranteed by our military and naval supremacy. The greatest part of global oil reserves turned out to be in the Middle East, hence the U.S. involvement in that region.

This involvement is now reaching the point of vanishing returns, and may well cost us more than it brings in. The question to be answered then becomes: Can we return to a position of, if not outright energy independence, at least basic self-sufficiency?

The problem

The United States is richly endowed with energy resources, both fossil and renewable; however:

  • Despite rapid domestic supply growth through innovative technologies, we still import roughly a third of our oil needs. Such imports will increase once economic growth resumes, resulting in higher energy costs and renewed dependence on foreign sources.
  • The use of our most abundant fossil fuel – coal – is currently being outlawed on the basis of unproven “global warming” theories.
  • Our energy distribution infrastructure is aged and increasingly prone to failure.
  • There is no uniform set of regulations covering energy production, distribution and use, nor a national plan or policy regarding long-term future supply.

The solution

Half the solution already exists: the United States has a domestically grown, uniquely innovative, generally well-managed and extremely reliable energy industry. Regardless of occasional crashes, accidents and scandals, this industry has provided Americans with cheap, abundant and safe energy for a century and a half. It is a national treasure and should remain so.

In cooperation with the energy industry, we must implement the following policies:

  • Upgrade our energy infrastructure to cover our entire territory with a secure and redundant distribution network capable of supporting further economic growth.
  • Take the “climate change” issue out of politics by initiating and sponsoring an international research effort in climate science, similar to the highly successful International Geophysical Year of 1958-59.
  • Creating a simplified, nation-wide regulatory framework for energy development
  • Initiating a long-term Research and Development program in energy efficiency and future energy sources.

Energy is the key to modern economic life. Our mastery of energy production and use has been a major factor in America’s industrial rise. Our future depends on keeping that course.

Born in Poland, Jacek Popiel was educated in Africa, Canada, and the United States. He speaks five languages. His career spans military and international business development in the Soviet Union, Eastern and Western Europe, North America, and Japan. He is currently a freelance writer and political consultant. His book “Viable Energy Now,” grew out of his military and international business experience and his professional involvement with energy issues.